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Germany rents a house is more " warm hire " formalities is trival safe however a
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A lot of China students that come to Germany study abroad, when begin, general metropolis chooses the dormitory that the school offers. It is the cheapest that the price of student dormitory cannot say, but it is “ warms commonly hire ” , wrapped water and electricity to get online namely wait for the others charge, do not need a student to worry about again.

After was familiar with the environment beside, some homecoming begin to consider to rent privately owned house. The advantage that rents privately owned house is clearly. Above all, the price of some confidential wants than student dormitory cheap, for average to condition of a few economy fellow student, this is very charming. And for the classmate that lives more cozily to the hope, rent privately owned house his choice will be more. Next, dormitory majority supplies a foreigner, and the amount of Chinese student studying abroad is not little, because this meeting often strings together the door, gather. Confidential is so clamorous without student dormitory, can let you set his mind at to learn. Again, you also can choose to close together with the foreigner rent a privately owned house, of antonym character take exercise very advantageous, also can experience the lifestyle of exotic nation person.

When looking for confidential the 2nd times, I am as German as close hire. The resident with former building also is friend of my a Germany. When signing a contract, the wall paper that we hope reservation is original and a few furniture, but the company that rent a house says to be no good actually. They say, press law, when connecting a building must reductive to first state, it is whats are done not have. We want furniture sure, but must move out first, if we like those wall paper, like can be being bought only stick afresh again. I am discursive at that time, do keep clear of greatly their company can want him foot a bill, the client does not need them to be done so now, was rejected unexpectedly. Later, add up to the German explanation that hire with me, the employee of the company that rent a house must handle affairs by law, give new user a completely clean house, ability won't be punished.

Later, we signed the pass on contract of another kind of form, just avoided this kind of inconvenience. When connecting a house, come the careful rate that the staff member of test house checks makes me amazed. There is form of a piece of examination on his hand, one mixes you conceivably think the respect all that be less than is checked. For example, have the mark that there is placard on a door, because before resident used the glue that has a mark, blow a flower to hang glue to guard a gate later. Because before the friend that resident is me, I say need not dispute, and this is not affected really live. But this staff member says to be no good, because by law they must damage this kind of objective,appear in the newspaper, and upkeep costs can pass special maintenance company business accounting, the user before Zhang sheet can send finally. If we are not solved now, this had be toed pay pen cash so when we are taken away in the future by us. This comes it is good that I also do not have a word said.
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