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American woman spends 1.75 dollars to be patted so that one place meets with onl
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The United States rests closely one department of city of Nuo of auspicious of root city Sa gets 1.75 dollars in EBAY website arsis by abandon building, buyer is Illinois Chicago · of city resident Qiao Anni Smith.

According to the report, smith is 30 years old, it is one of person that 8 contest are patted. She never has seen this manages house property before, also did not have been to Sajinuo.

“ my general strives to sell it. I never plan to move Sajinuo, also do not have any moving to leave (Chicago) plan, she says ” . Except pay outside buying building fare, smith still needs to hand in add up to to the filling capture imposition of 850 dollars, rubbish clears and weed charge.

Smith says: I know the information …… that the person that “ sells me the house did not give me any buildings this is one place meets with the house property of abandon, and still owing tax, but the email that I have each other only. I want to look, but if if cannot be entered,looking in house, I can not wish to run in vain 300 miles (add up to 480 kilometers about) . ”

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