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Hire of house property of A Baituo canal takes children very hard to think to be
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Yesterday, our newspaper reported gold of Li bay area spends a street to roll out “ to hire business of ” of room provide for the aged to be held in both hands by dweller heat recently, and among them mandatory business caused hire wide attention of the reader. Reporter once more thorough community listens attentively to each sound to know this new business. The old person thinks beautiful money suffers be restricted, children thinks to be able to prevent an old person effectively to be decieved at least, the lawyer says the practice is worth deliberate.

Case: Want to travel to take hire hard however

Zhang Bai of many years old 70 is old person of an orphans and widows, 2005, his house oneself is mandatory the rented house management center that gives community, every months of hire goes up to from 800 yuan of first year after year 1300 yuan of nowadays, meantime, management center month by month is acting the old person courtyard that 1000 yuan of old canals expend his transfer to be entered to him, others criterion scrape up rises, already had nearly 10 thousand yuan up to now.

Recently, zhang Bai wants to give 349 yuan from hire medium-counts, come an annulus province swim, however, he and management center signed hire before this mandatory agreement, hire earning by him himself, management center and beadhouse tripartite are superintended. “ can use this fund, even old person courtyard will do supervise, myself did not nod word responsibility authority. ” Zhang Bairu has sighed to regret greatly today, the reason is old person courtyard says he has the disease such as hypertensive, coronary heart disease to suffer from unsuited alone long outside swim, his fraction of “ annuities ” is taken hard.

Superintend square: Can answer so untimely needs

We roll out “ the service that hire tripartite superintends, not be to govern on somebody's behalf old person belongings, not be the right of property that controls an old person more, however cogent responsible to the old person. Gold of area of ” Li bay spends Li Weibin of director of community service center to express, zhang Bai's example is such, the key of the problem is not the annuities that forbids him to spend him, however he is unsuited go annulus province swims. Li Weibin points out, hire tripartite is superintended usable still in order to answer emergency, when “ old person has acute disease, can employ this money to do help money. ”

Children: Can supervise disbursement reasonable

I also understand “ the idea of A pa, nevertheless, I think tripartite is superintended more appropriate. The son A of ” Lu Bai is become (alias) express, old father enters old person courtyard but still have a contact with the society, nowadays, be aimed at an old person socially cheat case common occurance, such tripartite are superintended can avoid old father to be deceived at least, and once the old person is occupied need spends money, can inform children above all, children can take the place of its supervise medical treatment expense to wait reasonable.
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