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Jing of room of different land rent meets horrible a case involving the killing
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Guangzhou arrives first, life ground is not familiar, lease a building debatable.

Bumped a few days like the chaos like the fly that do not have a head, I am eventually in Yang Jixiang, one room one hall, have independent kitchen toilet, the furniture such as bed, sofa also had, the month hires talent 500.

The boss is surnamed beyond, it is an endomorph. His sumptuous wears abdomen uses the mandarin with full-bodied flavour of another name for Guangdong Province to say to me: “ young man, you calculate collect treasure! You look, the phone also had, go on this floor tile or firm shop, the family wants 669! Although ” hire is cheap, he one-time receive full half an year, saying is cash pledge, month by month of the ability after half an year is handed in hire. If I lived not to go to half an year, cash pledge cannot be returned. I think, calculated, renting a house anyway is a very weighty thing, perhaps I still must live 3 years on two in this.

Make money, he took out a piece of paper to write a telephone number to give me, say: “ young man, the water and electricity of every month and phone expend me to be able to come over to close on time, this is the phone of my home, in case have what thing, you can look for me. ” is picked up simply stopped, I grow express at a heat —— has the feeling of a kind of be born at long last.

Arrive the following day unit, I am busy tell leader and colleague telephone number, call again at the same time tell far the family member in Hunan, make them occupied seek the telephone call that ” of my Home “ can make when me, such, can save a bit mobile phone to expend.

One week later, the company sends I and a few vocational training that new fellow worker plays by a definite date 3 days to the head office of Hainan.

Arrive 3 inferior the following day crepuscular, I and work in the same placing swim to return a dormitory from the sea, discover to show on the mobile phone 3 did not pick up the telephone. Checked, completely native place is called. I am answered stir the past, hear my Mom's anxious voice: Is “ A Hai? Where are you now? I say ” I came to Hainan yesterday, go hastily, forgot to follow a phone is hit to say in the home.

Mom listens, mood is like urgenter: “ A Hai, did you have a girlfriend to Guangzhou? I say ” do not have, business is not ripe, very busy, which have time to think this? Do then you hire “ is the phone of the room 38×××××× ? I listen to ” , ineffable insecurity rises: “ is, how? I a moment ago hit ”“ nobody receives this telephone call, hit you you also did not receive the mobile telephone, I hit the past again, but, this however somebody was received, still be the sound of a girl, you say with Mom, is this to return a responsibility how? You hit ”“ wrong, mom? ”“ won't be wrong, I am to call you the number that younger sister helps me press. Does then she say ”“ what? ”“ her what did not say, fed, I say A Hai, she was hanged. If you had, hiding the truth from Mom, mom is glad! ”“ is done not have really, mom, the may true phone that hit a fault. ” hanged a phone, a gooseflesh emerges all over. Is it possible that be a thief? Won't, which thief is so stupid? It is the person in landlord home, they are to the …… of the key is no good, I myself must hit a phone to go back again look.
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