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Hire a guest to default chummage a month takes the advantage of landlord to leav
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Mr Wang of Linyi city Lan Shan district rented oneself two rooms, the person that did not think of to rent a house falls in the circumstance that defaults chummage of a month, when taking the advantage of its to not be in the home, clear away baggage to leave stealthily, this makes him very furious.

Introduce according to Mr Wang, there is a second floor house in the home, because brand shop of wine of a smoke opened in district of city of short for the Yihe River, couple two stay in the home rarely at ordinary times. Facilitate this year May, slant two of first floor chummage gave the Lin Mou that becomes a clerk in a restaurant. When will paying rent September, lin Mou was not sent with salary for decline, express meeting horse to go up paid. Live together considering everybody, those who get along is pretty good, did not chase after again and again denounce.

Controlled at 10 o'clock 7 days morning, mr Wang comes home the discovery when moving goods, the house door that lease goes to does not have a lock, the key is hanged on the door, walk into see a house clear away one sky. Mr Wang immediately dials Lin Mou telephone, the mobile phone is in all the time close plane position. Mr Wang is recollected, the person when leaving the home in the morning still is sleeping, most propbably is to take the advantage of family to be absent to be taken away stealthily, because of,do not have in the home very much this have things stolen.

If “ pays do not have rent, make acoustical call, we need not collect the rent of a month, resemble be being taken away stealthily so, honest unreasonable. Ground of anger of anger of ” king gentleman says, although the key of the door already remanded, but match the key additionally to prevent its, he expresses to be able to change door lock as soon as possible, the house is rented after expressing the meeting is more careful.

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