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Student lover hires a room to cross hotel of 11 colleges periphery to become " s
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● lodger is cruel add small hotel to rise in price

That evening 9 when 10 minutes, the reporter comes to some university east a guesthouse on the door. Doorway advertisement indicates a level, a variety of accommodation forms such as average room, time room, economy room. A lady of many years old 30 says information desk: ?ldquo; personnel is hot today, leave two levels only, 120 yuan. Now is long holiday, do not believe go out to turn, the canal lives completely where. The word that wants is grabbed quickly, be afraid a little while otherwise also can be grabbed. ”

9 when 30 minutes, the reporter walks into a hotel again, one groups what the name controls 20 years old is small rise from the bed, ground of a bit exhausted equipment says: “ returns remnant a room ——— does not pass, it is single bed, 50 yuan. 40 yuan are before ”“ . Is now to put long holiday? Come over, went up so valence. Groups ” is small say, hotel altogether ten rooms, some booked 4 or 5. Dare not order entirely nevertheless go out, because must leave a few rooms, handle the case of some time room. ” visits a reporter not quite understanding, groups small explain again: “ on the weekend, be to come out of hotel much? This long holiday is equivalent to big on the weekend, nightly without the person make the rounds of the wards, so free. ” reporter investigates discovery, home of home of outside school small hotel explodes full, think the place that seeks a stay is very bad.

● student lover hires a room to provoke controversy

As we have learned, of accommodation having one much is in school undergraduate, and the many person that for the men and women geminate knot is opposite. To this kind of phenomenon, the undergraduate opinionses vary.

2 days morning, the reporter is interviewed be stationed in smoke some college is in 5 times school undergraduate, among them 2 schoolboys a schoolgirl thinks this kind of phenomenon is very normal, undeserved spoffish. And a schoolgirl holds crosscurrent: “ because the undergraduate waits for respect existence uncertainty in working outlook, the proportion of lover marriage is very small, maiden live together will cheat a shadow to the following matrimony, reduce the stability of prospective family, what can affect future that is to say is happy. Accordingly, I think maiden living together is right oneself abandon and irresponsible. A schoolboy expresses ” , this kind of phenomenon wants specific issue concrete analysis. If two people love each other really, have the plan that marries in the future again, in having the society that cohabitational phenomenon opens nowadays also give no cause for more criticism. Conversely, if be only,affect normal school work because of this, that cannot be taken, and should give from moral level condemnation.

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