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Sublessor undergraduate pass on should rise before facing graduate rental dormit
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“ has bed of dormitory of schoolboy of Na Dana garden to rent, intended person can dial phone 136××××××7. ” yesterday, the reporter is in south area of big living quarter discovered such a advertisement. The reporter discovers in interview, should demand of the person that outside school take an examination ofing grinds, the phenomenon that bed hires in university campus is not scarce, the undergraduate that faces graduate partly should remove “ sublessor ” .

Hire of month of a bed 250 yuan

Yesterday, the reporter called the telephone number that keeps on advertisement. The person that pick up the telephone shows, oneself also are the student bed that hire, did not want to use now, think relet goes out. Introduce according to its, this is a graduate student dormitory, 4 worlds, at present already two bed rent the person of outside school, it is to come to those who grind take an examination of. The reporter asks hire a bed how many money, he signed up for “ of a price every month 250 yuan of ” .

Via reporter investigation, the graduate student of graduation class is the mainstream group of “ sublessor ” , they already entered exercitation or station of learn on job not less, the house is rented around the unit more convenient. “ lets live to others, need not draw out accommodation to expend in vain. They also had reviewed good environment, mutual benefit of our mutually beneficial. ” ” of sublessor of a “ says frankly.

A personage of know the inside story discloses Nanjing college, besides south big, the bed of other college is very close also spruce, hiring valence commonly is 200 yuan / month, 4 months are hired since. Besides the graduate student, a few big 3, big 4 go out the berth that the student empty buy of the exercitation gives, already became many short-term the first selection that seeks the person that hire. Outside begging the person that hires bed to take an examination of grinding student besides preparation, still have the undergraduate of some of strong finish school.

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