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Lodger whirls the home appliance that rent a house content of doubt of nobody ca
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The guest arrives when should paying rent, abrupt “ plays disappear ” , not only did not fulfill contract agreement to pay rent, and when leaving, walk off with took away landlord 4 value make an appointment with 6000 yuan home appliance. Yesterday afternoon, constant gentleman encounters landlord again the case that police station and property company do not handle this matter.

Lodger is walked off with take away landlord home appliance

“ is about to pay 4 months to September 15 originally in all 8000 yuan chummage, can be lodger postpone again and again, to October 2, I will search lodger to urge pay rent, discover the valuable inside the room disappeared, the person also searched to be not worn. Constant gentleman says ” landlord furiously, “ house let lodger take away with respect to some freezer, air conditioning, television, washing machine originally. ”

Reporter v/arc be on the throne saw this covers a house inside the village of 168” of “ Li Yuan on Yu Yongle road, stay on the wall that air conditioning installs inside the room one paragraph is in charge of by the line of clipping, the mark that moves home appliance still can see on the ground. Constant gentleman says, value of altogether of 4 electric home appliances

Constant gentleman says, lodger is surnamed poplar, 20 years old, id photocopy stayed when signing the contract that rent a house, what to do to work, he is not quite clear also, the phone is in “ all the time now stop plane position ” .

Are police station and property what without giving thought to this matter?

Actually, the irritated worry that constant gentleman encounters has not been over, police station and the manner that property company handles this matter make him indissoluble.

Controversy one: Whether is lodger behavior theft?

On October 2, after he discovers lodger takes away home appliance, signed up for alarm, policeman of police station of long Le Xilu was done to field survey note. Constant gentleman thinks, lodger privately takes away the article of landlord, it is apparent larcenous action. But beyond of his expect is, the policeman thinks, this attributes economic dispute, police station cannot be accepted.

Yesterday afternoon, constant gentleman arrives again police station of long Le Xilu, go out at that time alarm a policeman that surnames Yan says, the contract that rent is in, appear such circumstance should attribute the economic dispute between landlord and lodger, landlord should sue lodger to the court, recover these article by the court.

Controversy 2: Whether does property company superintend the village to break duty?

Constant gentleman thinks, property company is superintending the responsibility with go up to also have due, “ if somebody is gone to inside the area as a child piece carry article, property company should have been done register, inform owner ” .
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