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100 meters of enclosure build 30 to violate build rental room to let incessantly
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The owner of garden of Long Jiangdong treasure has a place a few this years irritated, build in the village on the west nearly 30 of side wall wall are violated build a rented house, come 6 years not only did not pull down build more more in these two years instead.

Is the some when what violated build?

When Dong Baohua makes a room field, 6 have before New Year

Mr Wang mirrors violate build be located in Dong Baohua garden on the west side, violate the one side that build to building village enclosing wall, as common as the village a wall. The reporter is driven toward the spot 7 days midday, in Mr Wang guide below, from Dong Baolu one of boreal side reclaims the appearance inn of shabby article is entered violate build group. Saying is “ is violated build group of ” , because violate,be build along Dong Baohua garden side wall wall built many meters 100 to grow all the time on the west, be red brick new step partly among them, one part is wiped already went up lime, time is long already. Landlord violates what this grows many meters 100 built cent to become a foreign staff that rents in periphery Wu is versed in.

The reporter sees in the spot, simple and easy build by laying bricks or stones becomes violate build group although connect water electrify, but wholesome condition is extremely abominable: Rubbish forms a pile and everywhere is seen, a narrow meandering footpath outside the room has the excrement and urine of puppy to appear from time to time.

Mr Wang says, because here environment is harsh, rubbish forms a pile, their lie between village of one wall also is affected. “ day heated up flavour to come, and look downward from upstairs, always feel the condition here and circumjacent environment are not coordinated extremely. ” king gentleman says, these violating build exist from he entered Dong Baohua garden 2002, these year he is mirrorred all the time, dan Chi did not get settlement behindhand.

Violate build who to belong to?

Rental violate the landlord that build very before invisibility comes from a Wu that the Huaihe River installs to be versed in personnel is two months just move here to come, the house that she represents here is divided by area size 200, the left and right sides rented external 300 yuan in January. Nevertheless, should ask landlord surnames what name who, when living in He Fang, they say “ does not know ” continuously however.

Although a lodger tells a reporter landlord lives in violate build a house among inside, but reporter 7 days, head for 8 days so called landlord all was not come up against when interviewing. More tenant say, landlord can smoke a day of time every months to come round to collect rent, they also do not see other time person.

Listen to the description of lodger, such a few violate the ” of “ one's life experience that build to appear mysterious rise. One professed to live here the lodger of 10 one's remaining years says, these violating build early had existed before Dong Baohua is built field, “ is the earliest it is a country, still do not have at that time east treasure garden, there is a house here ” .
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