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Extraordinarily brave of fire department of sudden conflagration of ageing of th
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Yesterday evening 7:47, huang Daizhen of photograph the city zone breaks out conflagration inside a rented house, the fire control officers and soldiers of squadron of mouth of gourd ladle of group of city of photograph of detachment of city fire control hits out quickly, from receive when calling the police to put out conflagration to be used only 10 minutes, conflagration did not cause personal casualty.

In the evening at 7 o'clock half, mr Zhu that lives in street of the pond below Huang Daizhen of photograph the city zone is same as usual, eat dinner to take a son to go out take a walk. Take a walk in Mr Zhu and son when returning, posse blaze is accompanying smother from Mr Zhu home appear inside the rental room next door. “ is bad, caught fire! After ” realizes this, mr Zhu is hit on command son horse at the same time 119 call the police, at the same time oneself bear down on adjoining rental room, worry to somebody is returned inside the house. “ is not bad, a pair of when this building leases when catching fire young husband and wife are not in the home. ”

After receiving fire alarm, the fire control officers and soldiers of squadron of gourd ladle mouth reacts quickly, expedite two bubble fire engine and fire engine of jar of a water, arrive for a short while catch fire the spot has rush to save life and property. Received 7:47 from in the evening call the police, put out conflagration to 7:57, when be being used only 10 short minutes. The spot after fire passes ins disorder one piece, window glass all broken because of be heated, metope and roof have apparent ham mark all around, the partial furniture inside the room and electric equipment had been destroyed by big baked wheaten cake.

The fire control officers and soldiers that is in charge of fire fighting according to the spot introduces, account of this fire on fire is initial circuit ageing place causes estimation. When fire happening, the resident that hires was not in the home, did not cause personal casualty so.

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