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Funeral of girl odd life rents the room exclamations " homicide " be become to b
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Yesterday midday, a body of 23 years old of girls hires in its inside Jiang Jie is discovered by family inside 73 rooms of 2 5 buildings. Current, police is undertaking investigating to this matter.

Downstair entrance guard husband and wife says, close yesterday midday at 12 o'clock, a middleaged man runs suddenly to entrance guard room, the family member that weighs oneself is blindfolded with the dress by discovery first. Policeman and car of 120 emergency treatment arrive very quickly, but the girl already died. Watch sister of the girl says, the girl surnames Shenyang, 23 years old, double banish a person, parents is in Hua Yang deal, the girl works in Chengdu, just parted company with male friend. Family loses connection with the girl recently, yesterday midday, add up to the person that hire to just be in the home with the girl, domestic talent is able to enter room. The neighbour of 4 buildings says, several days ago a late night, she hears “ Dong of ” , hear somebody to cry then: “ committed murder! ” she thinks is somebody is joking, did not care about.

Current, police is undertaking investigating to this matter.

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