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Landlord: Trust another person rental room rent by " swallow " hard search is an
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Ms. Zhang is in the citizen Mo of Chengdu of developing zone of celestial being Hu has a building to rent near 2 regions food market, but she lives in town of temple of cattail of peaceful area of another name for Nanning however. If somebody will hire a room to see a room, she should run personally, very troublesome, also lost many person that rent a house of purpose accordingly. When just when Ms. Zhang is this,be being troubled, a tenement of Ms. Zhang -- , come from on forest Ms. Huang puts forward actively, can help Ms. Zhang rental house and collection chummage. Think of oneself a variety of inconvenience, at the same time rapid move rents the house, ms. Zhang agreed. Before long, 6 rooms that Ms. Huang will make a building as expected rent entirely go out, house money also is put to his account.

Who knows this year March, a tenement that is familiar with quite with Ms. Zhang calls report, the water charge of electricity Feburary had been handed in, do not know why this building is returned by power cut of cut off the water supply. Ms. Zhang calls to be checked, just know water charge of electricity was not handed in, and tenement is make water charge of electricity to Ms. Huang hand. Be in after that of Ms. Zhang urgent below, ms. Huang just gives in water charge of electricity. However before long, when Ms. Zhang discovery phones Ms. Huang, often cannot put through.

A dusk by March, the tenement of that acquaintanceship hits a phone to say, this paragraph of time sees Ms. Huang moves a thing outside again and again, seem to wanted to take away. Already handed in to Ms. Huang because of many tenement in January or much month hire, so he fears Ms. Huang wants to carry a paragraph to go person. That evening, the building that Ms. Zhang and friend drive celestial being to him Hu hastily, see Ms. Huang is moving a thing outside fitly, its then cut lives. Ms. Zhang tells a reporter, besides the tenement of that acquaintanceship, other tenement is Ms. Huang lets come, if Ms. Zhang does not appear, they still think Ms. Huang is landlord all the time. Ms. Zhang still understands, ms. Huang already to 3 tenement respective collection chummage of a quarter in all 3000 yuan, and Ms. Huang weighs 1500 yuan to receive tenement only. Ms. Zhang expresses finally, will not eliminate use statute measure to be chased after to Ms. Huang denounce this hire.

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