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Rent a house: Want to collect tall rent? Clever landlord is captured Korean
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Now more and more Korean be in business in spic, the job, study, and several years short between, north of the Milky way, 5 hill, new harbor also was formed inside city on the west, the heat of the many Korean inhabit a region such as road of sweet-scented osmanthus hillock, distant view board piece. According to combining rich buy line of business professional personage introduces, in spic job, life Korean, the demand of qualitative to property element is global taller, like environmental qualitative quiet commonly relatively the property of elevator building village of beautiful, and according to area different, those who pursue different trade is Korean, the area of their place inhabit a region also has different. If north of the Milky way is the area of the business affairs central of Guangzhou the first of all, many Korea enterprises are stationed in spic company, orgnaization to handle official bussiness here, consequently north of the Milky way, 5 hill, sports east wait for circumjacent area, attract personage of business affairs of more Han book and its dependant inhabit a region. And granite resembling laurel, catalpa yuan hillock, new harbor the professional jobber with commercial grumous atmosphere waits to encircle on the west, attract more the inhabit a region of Han record public figure that is in business in spic. Bear to hire as a result of them power is high, accordingly, the area that collects in its is bought set secondhand chummage gives Korean, it is a right choice.

Stranger of tall canal of book of North Korea of the Milky way is much

Uptodate foreign nationality leases area of business affairs of north of the Milky way the target passenger source of the market is the day that goes to work inside the area commonly Han Ji provides a public figure high. Their income is higher, can bear higher hire level, qualitative to property element reachs living environment to having higher demand, consequently in elegant center of letter apartment, Di Jingyuan, name, assist with new world and Hilton the building of the Gao Zhisu such as sunshine dish property, most personage of business affairs of book sufferring Han and its dependant welcome.

If be located in road of north of the Milky way and dragon mouth,the rare Er of road have a common boundary pauses on the west sunshine, the settle or live in a strange place is rented in business affairs of book of day Han substandard group in have relatively the public praise of beautiful, hire of 3 houses unit can amount to 8500-11000 yuan / month. Additional, the hot an arch over a gateway that collecting Jing Xincheng also is live in a compact community of estate of tall tube of company of numerous Han record dish, be like the double entry unit of palmy garden, hire 25000-35000 yuan / month, and common the hire of 3 houses unit is in 9000-14000 yuan / month.

Inhabit a region of road Han student studying abroad nods new harbor on the west

New harbor takes adjacent Zhongshan on the west university and in market of old cloth major, nearly two years as new harbor on the west the building that spins a store cloth market, gently is used, still have the increase of Korea student studying abroad, make gather in the Korean form that new harbor takes on the west gradually much rise, korea dining-room, barbershop, small feed inn also subsequently practice.
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