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New tenant vacaition hires room landlord to did not register lodger information
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Lodger not only in the middle of the night " withdraw " rental room, the air conditioning that still puts landlord inside the rented house, freezer even dining table all is taken away. Yesterday, live in Nanchang city to liberate Xi Lulong Mr Wang by king temple market is vexed extremely.

Mr Wang has a two rooms beside market of temple of the Dragon King the house of 1 hall, by last year August, two men that profess to come from Ji An through letting advertisement finds him, among them one professes to surname piece the man says, he and companion in Nanchang a company works, the hope hires room half an year, pay all rent at a heat.

At the beginning of this year March, mr Wang finds two men to enquire whether relet. Zhang Mou says, they still plan to hire half an year, but the company still is owing two their monthly wages, want salary to be sent only hire paid. Mr Wang says, look at the other side to hold out simple minded at that time, the manner is cordial, he agrees with the other side, if cannot pay rent of half an year by March, he hires the house another person.

On March 22 afternoon, mr Wang comes urge two lodger make half an year inside the rented house chummage or pay the rent March first at least, but they are laughing to say, rough draft waiting for a month is regular meeting general chummage is paid.

Yesterday morning, mr Wang comes to the rented house again, when he opens the door, engorge one Jing: Two him men the thing is moved to get completely, also disappeared without trace even the air conditioning in his house, color television and freezer. "Although those electric home appliances

Ask about when the reporter whether to leave the identification that has the person that rent a house, mr Wang says, very delighted land pays the other side rent at that time, he shows any identification without demand the other side.

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