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Become a fixed rent for farmland or house fair: Fan of Li of は growing permanen
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Do long term still can value, but the risk cannot be ignored

Do long term still can value. Room value may be short-term the meeting is fluctuant, but long-term look, the price after adjusting cycle to pass will still show tigidity, in at present 4% inflation anticipate below, want to afford only, house property still is a good investment. And, as the change of common people idea, live oneself through hiring a room to solve housing problem will make a kind of acceptability sense. A mature estate market itself also needs the structural system of formal diversity. Development of the market that rent becomes another heat of estate market extremely likely. On one hand, less to just had a job or be being accumulated on the hand person, transfer through renting a house first; It is to have fund on the other hand, seek the investor of steady gains, through " raise a house in order to hire " the form provides the housing that rent.

Nevertheless, people often is valued only " raise a house in order to hire " good one side, and ignored among them risk. Once appear misfortune, the person that buy a house will be disastrous. "Raise a house in order to hire " not be a simple procedure, it is clear that the Zhang inside this should calculate carefully, secure the property administration fee that should pay besides every months besides, still have bank loan interest, this is a fixed expenses, and its income just secures relatively however. Since be to invest to be able to have a risk, the risk that invests house property is bridal chamber rental meeting has " stop period " , namely from enter a lease formally, intermediate meeting has the house is empty buy for some time. Although already hack house also may midway " break archives " , this needs you how is careful consideration spent such " risk period " . So, investor is being aimed at " raise a house in order to hire " when investing mode, answer to still borrow ability to consider cautiously to his.

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