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The risk of landlord: Business of v/arc rent land or a house for subletting is i
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V/arc rent land or a house for subletting saved many hearts for house-owner really, relatively fixed income assures in certain period internal energy, but the existence that as a result of v/arc rent land or a house for subletting this kind of carte blanche concerns, landlord also can face particular risk. And, business of v/arc rent land or a house for subletting is still at present immature, relevant section falls without the circumstance of corresponding and normative measure, this kind of risk cannot be ignored more. In light of the problem that mirrors instead from other city place, house-owner of v/arc rent land or a house for subletting must be on guard 3 big trap.

Trap one: Protracted consign hire

This is the risk with this one the globallest business. Intermediary company is met and house-owner agreement compares short empty buy period, be in commonly 15-60 day, affirmatory expire to be able to pay head period hire. But actually some house-owner are after 15 days and did not get rent, the reason of intermediary company is to did not find the right person that rent a house commonly, the requirement is empty buy period is lengthened, but actually intermediary company already rented the building likely, using this kind of air the intrigue seek profiteering of buy period. Proposal house-owner and intermediary company are signed when entrusting a contract, refine as far as possible pay time, amount and intermediary company conceal property to already rented the break a contact that waits for case, compensate pays a clause in cold blood.

Trap 2: Intermediary company demand a low price

House-owner lacks the understanding that rents the market to the building, and intermediary company often can use this, with all sorts of reason as far as possible depress chummage, earn among them price difference with the best will in the world thereby. Proposal house-owner is before building fixed rent for farmland or house, visit company of a few intermediary more, know market level.

Trap 3: Intermediary company " roll the paragraph evaporates "

Ever house-owner is in after giving intermediary the company building fixed rent for farmland or house, intermediary company rents the house with low, in the person that one-time collection rents a house bear the paragraph coils to evaporate after all chummage inside lease. Similar case ever was in Beijing to perform, registered capital to amount to company of 10 million yuan broker of firm stone estate 2003, use " building bank " the hire that lodger whirls between one night 30 million yuan, subsequently " the world evaporates " . Proposal house-owner as far as possible with have certain aptitude and actual strength, calculable intermediary company cooperates, had better not " carte blanche " intermediary company deals with relevant matters concerned, ought to undertake limitative to precatory limits.

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