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Ruins of new city of road of airport of area of Guangzhou white cloud
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Room cause news
Room source number: 3591
News type: Rental information
Area position: White cloud area
Room source address: Ruins of new city of road of airport of area of Guangzhou white cloud
Room source type: Average house
Room source door model: Two-room flat front: East
Floor: 4/7 decorates a circumstance:
Area: 70 hire valence: 600 yuan
Infrastructure: Water, report, cable television
Establishment of form a complete set:
Traffic situation: Extend in all directions.
Remarks: Professional intermediary, everyday sources of a large number of high grade room rent, door model have cell, one house one hall, 2 rooms one hall, building light is good, ventilated, safe and comfortable. Intermediary cost: 100 yuan (one-time collect fees) . Contact: Wang Hongqian (with word of mandarin, Guangzhou all but) . Service characteristic: You can see countless rooms, much more comparative, choose the building that you like most. Building of ruins of new city of white cloud area is rental prices: One hutch guards one house the month hires: 250 yuan reach 350 yuan. One room one hutch protects one office: 350 yuan reach 500 yuan. 2 rooms one hutch protects one office: 600 yuan or so. Report of greeting straight fetch seeks advice make an appointment. Rich guest: Blog.163.com/sx168315@126
Contact information
Contact: Wang Hongqian E-mail: Sx168315@126.com
Connect a telephone call 1: 13724023111 connection phone 2:
Period of efficacy: 30 days release time: 2008-10-4

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