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Ji of the secret that rent: The height that rent a house teachs you to hire a go
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These two days, landlord Yang Fuzheng hires for the house do not go out to be anxious: Secondhand chummage hire market is very hot, but he in new letter community the housing of 77 square metre looks for less than issueing tardy however. One is engaged in secondhand the staff member introduction of chummage hire, annual it is secondhand after the Spring Festival the busy season of chummage hire, but still a lot of landlord are faced with a house to hire the awkward condition that does not go out, investigate its reason, it is these landlord the house that was not oneself undertakes the system plans.

Why is my house hired do not go out

Yang Fu shows Ju Wuhou emerald green north of highway bright and beautiful encloseds ground for growing trees, have community of a new letter additionally the housing of 77 square metre uses as rental. In July 2006, yang Fu rents this housing with every months of 800 yuan price, chummage income occupied the 1/3 of family income. Can be now, the regular pay of Home Yang Fu was immersed in predicament however, because since the Spring Festival before with on allow the contract of the person that rent a house expires, yang Fu still did not give lease up to now.

Hu Jun says the sincerity building intermediary that is in charge of helping Yang Fu rent a house, yang Fu opens every months of 1200 yuan value that give to let lodger bear hard. To this, courtyard of the division that save a company old Professor Wu Yuan indicates economist, hiring room busy season, the house that landlord thinks to let his rents smoothly and hire good value, need undertakes act according to actual circumstances to his house.

Hire a good value to also want to have key

"Where is your house, basically be hire of which a few kinds of crowds, need landlord considers these to go in. "Old Wu Yuan says, source of room of the heat on the market that rent basically has orbit room, CBD room, international community room, room learning an area to wait. His citing says, the main characteristic of orbit room is traffic advantage, accordingly very the reception that gets white-collar gens, "The person be hired of this kind of housing is lone mostly, be willing to close with the person hire, so landlord is renting when this kind of housing, should set the room live to can lay much person, such ability hire good price. "And to learning region house, basically be to offer a student or student parent lives, the room is decorated need not too too careful, also cannot ask on the price too tall.

The citizen holds the post of what the lady has a 80 square metre in saddle north road to cover 2 housing, held the post of a lady to spent 5000 yuan of money to undertake nap one time to the house last year, changed a few old old furniture, how did air conditioning go up in the meantime. Such, she went up 800 yuan every months from every months 1200 yuan, and hired very quickly go out. "These investment are very necessary, only devoted ability changes higher price. "She says, cover 2 housing to cover one housing price relatively more expensive, "And what can hire a 2 housing is to have actual strength of a bit economy. Want you to be able to offer better service and establishment only, the person that rent a house also does not care a bit more floriferous money, can live after all better off. "Hold the post of a lady to say so.
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