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Conduct financial transactions: Husband and wife of the white-collar that rent a
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Jiang Wei, 34 years old, stockjobber works, monthly pay 6000 yuan; The wife is 30 years old, company employee, monthly pay is controlled 3000 yuan, wait for income plus a few overtime, every months of income makes an appointment with two people of husband and wife 10 thousand yuan. Year after revenue tax 120 thousand yuan. Two people are handed in have 3 a place difficult of access one gold, housing accumulation fund every months aggregate 3000 yuan.

Pay expenses every months daily: 1000 yuan give parents, 1000 yuan raise property of coal of 500 yuan of 500 yuan of car, insurance, water and electricity expenditure of spending of 2000 yuan of cost, households, 1000 yuan of motor-driven, aggregate 6000 yuan.

Ginger has 400 thousand yuan of banking capital fund of the left and right sides at present for the couple: 100 thousand yuan of national debt, 3 years of 10 thousand much dollar period product of foreign currency conduct financial transactions (anticipate accrual 3%) , 200 thousand yuan bought 2 years period fiducial product (anticipate accrual 4%) . In addition, two people still bought a serious illness to be sure (keep the specified number each 100 thousand yuan / year) , accident insurance (keep the specified number each 500 thousand yuan / year) .

Target of conduct financial transactions

1, two people of connubial are current with parental chummage, chummage of every months of 1000 yuan of since is meal cost, at hand is returned can scrape up a few capital.

2, they prepare to be the wife is 35 years old ago, want a child, so such, must consider to buy a house. How should raise money this capital, standard of living does not produce big change again.

The financial standing of Jiang Weifu Fu is conservative and superabundant, agile inadequacy. Conduct financial transactions of national debt, fiducial, foreign currency is belonged to in long-term low risk product, yield is lower also, all did not exceed 5% . the age that is a couple with ginger and income circumstance, investment is too dovish. The proposal considers to invest stock fund. If have good project, also might as well investment has a try.

Two annual income are the couple 120 thousand yuan, because never buy a house, can accumulate accumulation fund every year 36 thousand yuan, year defray is 72 thousand yuan, can have 84 thousand yuan balance every year so, and financial capital belongs to medium-term to invest a product mostly.

The time that buy a house is surely after two years

Above all, after two years, couple two can balance 168 thousand yuan asset. Next, building city is lying at present very delicate adjustment level, hind town house price will be certain in have fall. After two years, the trend of building city is basic also and clear. Buying a house is the spending with big brushstroke to the family, decorating also is the thing with arduous bother. No matter be energy and financial capacity,go up so, need rest and build up strength a phase, for next the have a baby born into the family plans ready-made.
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