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Rent who is in charge of Fang Weixiu charge? Agreement of the contract that rent
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Mr Liu hired an one-room flat in Ya Yun Cun, signed the contract that rent a house, paid hire of a year, paid deposit of brushstroke building belongings according to bilateral agreement at the same time, because landlord offerred the home appliance such as phone, washing machine, freezer for Mr Liu.

Lived a few months, mr Liu encountered a problem

Because this building is the Laofang with building more ages ago time and carrying a layer on the head, seepage was posed when raining heavily, at the same time the waterproof layer as a result of toilet, kitchen and floor drain invalidation, the seeper on the ground when Mr Liu is bathing also permeated downstair other people, posed issue.

Because live even very long time, mr Liu talks things over with landlord then

Mr Liu thinks, because,giving an issue basically is of this building year long disrepair is caused, maintaining the person be benefited of the building to will come can be landlord only, reject to hand in upkeep costs then, and landlord thinks although these problems had existed, but happen during Mr Liu is rented, of course Mr Liu should pay certain duty.

For this, two people found an expert to come judge which is right

The expert thinks: During the individual already bought the residence to rent, both sides should have to this in the contract that rent express clearly. But the upkeep costs that the natural damage that produces during rent to rental building causes, if rent what did not set in the contract, bear cost by lessor commonly.

Mr Liu hears here, just grew to sigh longly tone.

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