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Radiate of electric home appliances
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Use the female sex that electric heat blanket sleeps for long, can make menstrual cycle produces apparent change, if pregnant woman is frequent use electric stove, the …… of incidence of a disease that can increase cancer of the children after be born comes nearly 10 years, the report that damages to human body about electromagnetic wave is consecutive.

Then computer, TV, washing machine, freezer even hair dryer daily the electric equipment that contacts with the person, because be called “ is invisible the electromagnetism radiate of killer ” and appear terrible rise. So after all whether are these electric home appliances

The expert expresses, any electric equipment should connect electrify to flow to have electromagnetism radiate only, arrive greatly air conditioning, television, computer, microwave oven, humidifier, small to blower, mobile phone, charger even wiring board can produce electromagnetism radiation, but the radiation amount that all sorts of electric equipment produce is endless and same.

About specific radiation amount, after the reporter is being searched for one time hard, the standard form that did not discover home has radiate of different electric equipment to measure comes on stage. Nevertheless, the SAPIO magazine that Japan publishs announced a group of families radiate of electromagnetism of commonly used electric equipment detects data.