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Paid rent bivouac street " the fraud that rent a house " still performing
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Groups one Zhejiang is small rented a house through intermediary, the landlord after wanting to give in chummage does not make a room tardy, oneself think end an agreement asks to withdraw fund, but the other side is going back on his word namely,do not give. The building that him at present leases has expired, he homeless is faced with bivouac street.

Xiaowang is 20 years old, in on the west work near the market. Because the house expires, on December 26, 2005, he passes the village that correct hill company of the one building intermediary that rent, in bank mouth on the west the road searched 13 numbers to manage rental room, paid 80 yuan fee seeing a room at the same time. Xiaowang feels the house is pretty good still, signed the contract that rent with landlord the following day, and pay the chummage of a quarter 1000 yuan, besides cash pledge 200 yuan.

Landlord lets Xiaowang will be moved again on December 29 last year. Who knows, when Xiaowang will go on December 29, landlord is whitewashing building. He says to want to clear away the house well, let Xiaowang came again on January 1 this year. Small Wang Jian said justifiably to agree. But Xiaowang is taking partial baggage 1 day to go when ” of Home “ new, landlord still is living, a bit did not want the meaning that take away. The urgent Xiaowang that enters sees state, put forward to want to remove the contract that rent, ask to return hire and deposit, but the other side is going back on his word not to give namely, let small Wang Zai wait a moment. Can be now when 4 days, still did not believe.

Xiaowang tells a reporter, the house that lives now had expired, had not reached the designated position as a result of the building that leases newly, present landlord already extend a time limit a few days. Because just worked before long, not much Qian Zaichong rents a house newly, “ if 5 days are moved again do not go in, that I have to bivouac street ” .

Subsequently, xiaowang found that intermediary company. But intermediary says the room also has looked, the contract also has been signed, occurrence delay hands in the problem of the room not to involve their issue, solve so that talk things over with landlord. But under, xiaowang signed up for alarm, but policeman explanation says this attributes economic dispute, should go the court is sued. Xiaowang is very anxious, the ability when this money what wants to come back.

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