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"Jin Jiuyin 10 " change garments according to the season of the heat that rent a
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After the Olympic Games passes, beijing building rents demand to rise apparently, formed “ Jin Jiuyin the autumn of 10 ” hires room upsurge. I love “ of company of Beijing building intermediary expert of my home ” reminds, show level to hire a room to have room source to issue demote benefit good requirement with hire amply, belong to ideal hire room and the time that change a room paragraph. But, the climate element such as ” of “ change garments according to the season also gives hired a room to raise more requirements, divide outside inspecting condition of groovy room source, still should pay close attention to autumn to rent a house mainly 4 big crucial essential factor.

It is climate becomes cold, canvass door window is sealed circumstance. Common saying says “ a Qiu Yu a cool ” . Successive two Qiu Yu, make pelter of Beijing air temperature. In such climate change falls, the sealed circumstance of the building is become show level to hire room person the problem of should first consideration. For instance, indoor door window, intake, and the steam vent that uses water heater burning gas. Before, people is not quite advertent to the sealing of house door window, the summer is not bad, climate is burning hot need not close a window, but too acquired in October gas turns cold, if window or other intake damaged will affect the normal life into the person that live. Accordingly, before the person that rent a house is renting a house meticulous the sealed case that examines a building, if have gaps and omissions,should talk things over with house-owner ahead of schedule repair.

2 it is form of understanding building heating, clear heating expends pay kind. Autumn hires a room to must pay close attention to the heating form of the building ahead of schedule, it is to center heating, independent heating to still mix model heating. In form of 3 kinds of heating, centering heating is the way that most person likes. Centering the heat source of heating to supply principal part is heating power company or village boiler room, the dweller should center pay only of certain amount warm oneself cost can. Independent heating is the heating form that the dweller distributes a form commonly, choose heating method independently according to his be fond of, if light those who enrage heating, high-tech to make hot device wait, the heating cost of this kind of form is higher, and waste energy. Use mix model the house property of heating form is opposite less. Try the building that leases a person to be able to choose corresponding heating form according to his be fond of.

To the heating charge of different form, the person that rent a house also should be in bear before hiring, understand in detail. According to the relevant provision of Beijing prices bureau, beijing winter warms oneself cost standard cent is 4 kinds: Boiler of area coal fired is offerred continuously, every building square metre is 16. 5 yuan; Boiler of area coal fired divides a heating, every building square metre 19 yuan; Fuel, light heating of boiler of gas, report, every building square metre 30 yuan; Heating of heating power group, every building square metre 24 yuan. Rent in average house in trading, general tenant need not winter of proper motion pay warms oneself cost, chief commander of most course of study warms oneself cost allocation is in chummage collection, but also have him tenant of individual landlord requirement pay. Conduction building of the person that rent a house is rented when trading, heating must be made clear with written form in the contract that rent expenses is assumed by who and pay, use of clear heating equipment normally reach the relevant responsibility with safeguard smooth heating, avoid to cause needless loss.
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