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Market prosperity hires room client one house begs a network hard to rent a hous
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One house seeks the client that rent a house hard the network rents a house the most convenience

Secondhand on room market, the key that intermediary company reaps profit trades in buying and selling all the time on, the commission that makes business of one only business get wants to go up higher than doing one sheet to rent multiple, especially to big intermediary, rent more it is to belong to an auxiliary sex to manage a category. And eye anteroom produces intermediary market to go up, the negligible in the past business that rent, become the pillar that maintains intermediary to live unexpectedly. The renting portfolio of intermediary of much home house property from this year since the beginning of the year all the way bullish, hold the heavy head of intermediary accrual.

The market that rent flourishs continuously many clients do not lease appropriate building

In recent years, the look of things of Hangzhou economy progress is good, the member that attracted workers of more and more ab extra Wu and college graduate come Hang Liuhang obtain employment, according to statistic, at present Hangzhou shacks population in 1.3 million —150 10 thousand person-time are controlled, add ab extra population newly every year to be controlled in 130 thousand person, the increase sharply of crowd of foreign take up an occupation, to Hangzhou fiery of the market that rent brought driving demand. Meanwhile, source of high grade the room that rent is closer and closer also spruce.

For example, xiaowang is some company employee, because the house was about to expire, looking for morning sunlight to take a room then so. The Xiaojiang that I love inn of my home Wen Hui takes him to saw morning sunlight a of 6 areas single boarding house, saw house hind or compare satisfaction, just the price is a few higher, lunar hire achieved 1500 yuan, to it photograph of price of before 1200 houses is compared, xiaowang or some bear not to rise. Want to search again additionally search look, then, small Jiang You took him to see a few rooms, but it is good to look to will look or be covered formerly then. 3 days are lain between when, small Jiang Youlian fastens that landlord to want to come down the house surely, however, that house has been hired however went out.

Not come singly but in pairs, there is a client that surnames Liu in the small Zhang Ye of oasis inn, however because of contrary reason also with the house just miss the opportunity that wants to hire. Pieces of small gentleman that take Liu visited village of a peace two rooms the house of one hall, but because form a complete set is not very all ready inside the house, without washing machine and color television. Then Mr Liu wants to look again. However, the room rent price with complete form a complete set wants tower above 400 the left and right sides, had turned round to come or want to cover a house then so, at least much more low-cost, but landlord has hired another person, mr Liu is helpless also, the house was hired so fast.
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