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Buy chummage room to need beware of trap of 6 big intermediary becomes a clever
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As we have learned, receive many concerning to existing at building intermediary of late consumer of a lot of enroach on is lawful of problem of rights and interests complain, this special railway line is complained from what receive yesterday in the 6 big questions that summed up building intermediary existence.

One, false conduct propaganda, the consumer that entice signs a contract. Company of intermediary of a few buildings actors or actress with alleged “ the building of valence cheap ” solicits character client seeing a room. The holiday in advertisement appearing in complaining case says establishment of furniture home appliance is made over, do not add in the contract however make clear, down to consumer is bought room and see a room disloyal.

2, conclude contract of Xiang Yu the Conqueror, consumer rights and interests cannot be ensured. One consumer is complained say, some intermediary company is in when signing a contract, no matter whether the agreement introduces through its, the news room source that wants consumer and intermediary company only signed a contract, have to pay intermediary fee to its. These clauses are illegimate.

3, violate compasses operation, make consumer interest is damaged. Some intermediary company introductions are belonged to to the building of consumer illegal or the building that lacks legal procedures, cause buy room door to cannot deal with formalities; Some buildings cannot be bought without property right card, but intermediary company is expended to earn intermediary, right however the person that buy a house says to need not deal with formalities, jural such house cannot get safeguard.

4, concoct various pretexts, collection each charge. Some intermediary companies look for a variety of excuse, outside eliminating proper intermediary cost, return collection alleged the charge such as cost seeing a room, advisory cost.

5, it is difficult to hand in Fei Rong to remove fee easily. From complain report to look, very bad go back goes to the money that is made in intermediary company hand on consumer hand. After hiring a room to expire for instance, intermediary company should return its building deposit, but be like,company of a few intermediary is found out the excuse such as thing attaint, do not remove deposit namely.

6, gold of diddle of ” of black intermediary of the “ that do not have card. ” of a few black without the fixed management place, “ that illuminates without card intermediary uses consumer not gold of diddle of know the inside story, once be discovered,sneak away.

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