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It is clear to hire a room to must make visit carefully be not cheated by interm
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In unseal working Du Nv person, the fraud that rent a house encountered twice inside the time that does not arrive one year. She what suffer moving pain is right of intermediary company deceive people intrigue detest.

In October 2007, around crossbeam door the help of an intermediary company falls, du Nv person rented a 3 rooms field in Kang Taijia the house of one hall. But landlord lets use two rooms only, additionally one deposits the thing of landlord home. Although have a place at odds, but Du Nv person or reluctance were accepted. When signing an agreement, signed a year. Just can spend half an year, to April 2008, landlord is urging Du Nv person to move, do not wish to allow room of relet of afterwards of Du Nv person, hind via enquiring for many times, landlord speaks truth just now. An employee of former landlord or landlady and intermediary company is acquaintance, do bait ” to replace intermediary “ , agree to rent the house just now. Do not think re-lease house really later. Du Nv person is helpless under, be forced to move.

April, du Nv person looked for one office building again, just lived to do not have a few months, intermediary company says the house cannot continue to hire her. After be being contacted with landlord, landlord says and plan without what let her return a house. In bargaining of this intermediary company, the house information that Du Nv person sees she is hired still paste is in column of rental room news, and chummage wants than hers tall. Original intermediary company gave another person this chummage with higher price again. Although Du Nv person resents in the heart, but must move.

This, du Nv person is the room that seeks through him acquaintance, she what experience moving pain a few times says: “ hopes to be able to live this for some time more, best also need not move again. ” at the same time, du Nv person hopes to remind the person that rent a house through our newspaper, visit must be made carefully when renting a house, be not cheated by the place of ” of exterior “ article of intermediary company.

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