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Any areas inside Guangzhou city all but (must learn in vicinity)
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Area of 48497022 of number of source of room of news source individual The county is more beautiful hire Gold 1900 yuan / any areas inside city of Guangzhou of lunar expectation area all can (must learn in vicinity) 0 hutch of 0 hall defend expectation door one room expectation area floor of expectation of 50 square metre is not restricted to expect to face towards do not be restricted property type is common the residence is decorated Indoor facilities 2008-10-10 17:2 of the date that register6:22 significant time has 30 days Note beg hire adjacent middle school (junior high school) business shop, any areas inside Guangzhou city all but, 50 square of 30 ~ , the month hires 2000 yuan the following. (person many kinds manage)

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