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Park of the Milky way, member village one room one hall
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Area of 48494893 of number of source of room of news source individual Prefectural the Milky way is hired Gold 1300 yuan / park of the Milky way of lunar expectation area, member the village expects door model one room one hutch protects one office expectation area front of expectation of ground floor of floor of expectation of 45 square metre is not restricted average house decorates property type circumstance clothbound repairs water of establishment of form a complete set, report, gas / natural gas, cable television, phone of indoor facilities of ADSL, color television, washing machine, hot water shower implement, furniture registers date 2008-10-10 17:26:22 significant time has 30 days Note oneself to be desire to love clean, the landlord that cherishs oneself article is begged hire, will surely let landlord 100% be at ease rental love house. Hope house is clean really and neat at the same time, decorate reach family property home appliance is delicate and comprehensive; Circumjacent environment is elegant and do not break flourishing. If have luxurious two rooms, can consider to close with the female brethren of high quality hire. (intermediary not faze) this room is sought close hire oneself female rental circumstance begs sexual distinction of the other side of sexual female demand hire cell to rent building circumstance

Clean, light, ventilated, Founder, absolutely not

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