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East hill, east wind east, dong Chuan road one room one hall
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Area of 48490631 of number of source of room of news source individual The county is more beautiful hire Gold 1000 yuan / lunar expectation area east hill, east wind east, dong Chuan expectation door one room one hutch protects one office expectation area front of low layer expectation is not restricted in floor of expectation of 40 square metre average house decorates property type the circumstance decorates water of establishment of form a complete set commonly, report, central heating, gas / natural gas, cable television, broadband, phone of indoor facilities of ADSL, color television, washing machine, freezer, air conditioning, hot water shower implement, furniture registers date 2008-10-10 17:26:22 significant time has 30 days Note circumjacent environment, traffic, public security to be close friends. . . (intermediary not faze)

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