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From “ 3 deer ” begins, the exposure of list of ” of “ black business to industry of countrywide milk products, give orders to cancel the qualification avoiding check of food company to the government again, this one movement was to astonish the throughout the country not just, more resounding world. According to marketplace news source, add in milk products originally 3 get together cyanogen amine should raise so called protein content namely, this is the “ inside the industry goes almost regular ” . The “ that wants to gain customer loves and esteem ” , the protein that must emphasize him product how tall, how to have nutrition. Chinese consumer still is in the primary level of shopping view of dictate of ” of vision of a kind of “ , always think “ eye sees for solid ” , rush only for nothing milk is the good milk powder with qualitative high protein.

Although reforming and opening already more than 30 years, chinese enterprise still did not walk out of the error that “ consumer is sacred ” , think the orientaton of consumer is the final way that a company grows. Go up in this incident so, consumer also also must assume one share responsibility. Classics of foreign brand milk is preliminary examine, add without discovery temporarily 3 get together the additive such as cyanogen amine. Because time acts more,jump over intense, and caused many victim death, a lot of innocent little babies suffer from kidney stone, so governmental “ moves real ” , cancel the qualificatory card of company of relevant experience record, more promulgated the golden fascia that avoids check ” about abolishing “ provision.

Above is foreword only, when is what the author hopes to pay close attention to more building city just is met does “ move real ” ? The Central Bank released the information that lowers interest for the first time this year recently, a bit prelude does not have beforehand. But this is a government inevitable “ helps city ” move. The “ that alludes here saves city ” is an enterprise not just, no matter be the enterprise of real-estate industry or other limits, more it is to give the person that buy a house a signal: “ government began to act somewhat. ” although this kind of behavior did not explain on the front it is to should help building city, but we can see is one kind is encouraged actually.

If concern the person that notes Central Bank trends to be met,notice, last year the Central Bank all the time since it is to singing “ to move ” instead. The “ that I say moves ” instead is to show house price is higher, ” of “ Fang Nu people pressure is greater, the Central Bank increases the frequency of breath taller. ” of “ Fang Nu is so right the every act of the Central Bank always is shake with fear. The customer that has the desire that buy a house is in see the Central Bank is added often cease to also can have a kind of illusion, it is a likelihood the Central Bank is in extruding building city the bubble of house price, one kind be pair of building city progress actually is hit press action. But this kind is hit pressure caused panicky sex to combat the effect, caused the house price last year to go taller more instead, bubble blows bigger more, what topple above all is ” of intermediary of “ of with filling layer.
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