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All-round victory: Tax rate of rental house property reduces pair of markets tha
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Guangdong saved land tax bureau to announced policy of new taxation of individual rented house yesterday recently. This policy sets, the individual rents income of hire of residential building month did not amount to 1000 yuan, taxation is collected integratedly rate still be 4% ; 1000 yuan (contain) above 2000 yuan the following, taxation is collected integratedly rate by 8% adjust for 6.35% ; 2000 yuan (contain) above, taxation is collected integratedly rate by 10% adjust for 8.35% . This regulation will rise on March 1 from this year carry out.

To this, expert of industry of all-round victory buy states the publishs pair of markets that rent impact of this policy is not big, the rate that at present capture pays tax of rental house property is quite low, have 2%-3% only. Be afraid that besides owner of book of individual HongKong and Macow " bothers " to undertake the room rents the room is registered actively in the center outside, because hire a guest to ask for the bill that rent to owner,great majority is. Rent a house because of be away on official business or chummage can go to what the company submits an expense account to hire a guest to basically want to ask for the bill that rent, other hire a guest to pay close attention to the contract that rent only, as to bill basic it is to be indifferent to. Expert of industry of all-round victory buy expresses, cause capture to hand in rate of tax of rental house property to cross small account to have 3: It is partial owner lack makes pay the consciousness of duty of rental house property, 2 it is owner is afraid of a trouble, 3 it is course of study does not wish unexpectedly frontal diplomacy is close the duty of 10% , and 3 o'clock is the mainest factor.

Of tax rate reducing is benefit to renting the market good, but the influence believes too won't big. After adjusting, 2000 yuan hire duty is expended it is 167 yuan, 33 yuan are saved only before comparing, to owner appeal is insufficient, and run relevant section, submitting all sorts of data is the trouble that comparative to owner. Because rent the building is not made at present,put on record register already became a kind of normal state, the tax rate that sheet relies on to reduce little is insufficient, the heaviest if normative residence rents the market, foster owner pay tax consciousness. Nevertheless the duty of owner place pay expends inevitable meeting marry again to arrive on the body that rents a settle or live in a strange place, because this should hand in capture to rent house property duty becomes normal hind, hire goes out meeting subsequently and rise, extent estimation is in 10% the left and right sides.

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