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Bathing place on rent Jiangsu put a camera to be
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Province yesterday, the twelfth meeting of the Eleventh Standing Committee held its second plenary meeting, the meeting was briefed on the report. In the group discussion, the "special trade in Jiangsu Province Public Security Management Ordinance (revised draft)" submitted to the second trial, "Suzhou water conservation regulations," submitted to the Provincial People's Congress approved, "Jiangsu Province, Town and Country Planning Ordinance (draft)" and "Jiangsu Province 2009 provincial budget adjustment plan (draft) of the motion "to draw a consideration. Class 6 special trade places put a camera to be Video data but can not be revealed to retain privacy Submitted to Provincial People's Congress yesterday, the second instance of the "special trade in Jiangsu Province Public Security Management Ordinance (revised draft)", the original draft of the scope and special industries of available safety and security conditions were improving on the details, if the Ordinance consideration by the next in the hotel industry, the pawn, scrap metal acquired business and other special trade establishments Category 6 will force the installation of surveillance cameras. Bicycle Rental Naru Te proposed industry It is understood that the province registered hotels, second-hand, lettering, printing and other traditional business units of special industry has reached 53,000, to the people's production and life of the facilities, but also induced a large number of illegal business case occurred. Only through legislation to strengthen security management in order to promote the healthy development of special industries. Special industry in the scope of the original provisions of the Bill are: hotel industry; pawn; seal engraving business; production scrap metal acquired business; lock industry; consignment industry, old cars, old mobile phones, notebook computers, old junk trading industry; gold and silver jewelry processing, replacement industry; dismantling scrapped vehicle recycling industry, the car rental industry; the printing industry; motor vehicle repair industry. In the group discussion, some members suggested that "the auction industry," also included special trade; Some people believe that bicycles, electric cars and other rental places in colleges and universities are common, but often do college courses, lectures and other activities, sometimes compared the messy, proposed that "the car rental industry" to "vehicle leasing industry."
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