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Kaoyan force around the school campus housing rent rose hundred pro forma
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To concentrate on pro forma review of selected students in campus housing for at least a month to rent up hundred dollars --- WASHINGTON will be held in mid-January next year postgraduate examinations, some students choose to rent off-campus pro forma, making broad based rent near the College. In recent days, the reporter visited a number of universities around the agency, found that single room rent near the university in the month rose by 100 yuan to 300 yuan. Visit External review of rent "was not bad money" Yesterday afternoon, the reporter was seen near the south gate at Beijing Normal University, the staff of the three real estate agent will be moved to rental information signal board outside the school. The staff of a real estate company, told reporters, do not look cold, and these days the rent is "hot", we spotted are Kaoyan force. "To live outside review can be overnight, but the environment is also very important." Prepare PubMed BUPT senior Zhang Xuemei, said her sister, a school attended last year that something is off campus review, but in order to save money, with the Several students squeezed into a small room PubMed, a person's use of an area less than 6 square meters. "Later, my roommate also had some conflicts eventually moved back to the dormitory." She said. It is understood that in this study section of students, most have chosen to rent out from the school pro forma, and some will study section of about a few companions, rent a Bedroom with or Sanshiyiting suites. "This ensures security, but also to ensure that the learning environment, the rent is not bad money." Several students said, would give priority to housing near the university.
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